Circus of the Damned ★★★★★

Anita Blake: Vampire Hunter Series by L. K. Hamilton

Novels, Short Stories, and Comic Books

Book 3: Circus of the Damned (1995)

First Published by Ace Books

Genres: Urban Fantasy/Mystery, Horror

Pages: 329

Summary: Anita starts off this book with a proposition to from two humans to discuss a positional job. The founders of Humans First, whose soul goal is to eradicate all vampires, wants Anita to reveal the identity and location of the Master of St. Louis. Though it would solve some of Anita’s problems to have Jean Claude taken out, she refuses to help Humans First until they have a plan that will not end with them dead instead of Jean Claude.

During her work investigating murder by a group of multiple vampires Anita must go the Jean Claude for information and help. It is at this meeting that meets Richard, a handsome and sweet junior high teacher that is somehow connected to Jean Claude.

Jean Claude’s precarious hold as Master of the City of St. Louis is put to the test in Circus of the Damned. A rogue vampire named Alejandro invades the city and starts an undead war over the city and having Anita as human servant.

Little do they know Alejandro is but a pest compared to the real threat to the city: Mr. Oliver.

My Thoughts: Anita’s badassness and sassy wit are in full bloom throughout the novel which makes the novel laugh out loud funny at some points. Though I must admit to feeling bad for Jean Claude when she turns her acerbic tongue on him, there’s just something about his character that makes me want to side with him.

I don’t particularly like Richard and I don’t see why Anita is immediately sure of his innocence, maybe it’s due to my fondness of Jean Claude. It does seem that she warms up to Jean Claude a little more in this book, realizing that he isn’t anywhere near as much of a ‘monster’ as some others.

I like the blend of the vampire slayer/animator with the police work. It provides a nice depth to the plot line that it would otherwise be missing. I’m also happy about the addition of Larry, I think it will help explain and develop the animator/necromancer side of Anita which I’m excited to see more of.

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