Baby room decor attempt No. 3 (Totoro Umbrella Banzai)

Hi everyone,

Here is attempt number 3 of our baby/nursery decor – Studio Ghibli series.

Again, this won’t be a tutorial as I can’t call myself good enough to actually be able to teach yet and so this will just be a share/rate post.

This is another pinterest and etsy graphics inspired My Neighbor Totoro (となりのトトロ) work where it depicts the scene where they are growing some oak trees out of seedlings. You kinda have to watch it to know what I’m talking about but it makes for a cool artwork.

Here we go!

First we have the background from the other Totoro art with some added watercolor brushing.

We then follow up with the fun cutout (masked) layer. I had to free pen the path of the paint splashes to ensure it was a cutout instead of just an overlay of new brushes. This makes it so you will see the background come through.

Add in the paint splatter effect brushes and…

Vwala! You got “art”.

I used the Huion drawing pad found here and an ordinary mouse.

I hope you like it! Please feel free to comment~

If anyone wants the high resolution version of this, leave me a comment and we can arrange it. I can’t and won’t sell these for copy right reasons and appreciation for Ghibli. (I have 2396×2624 resolution file; can go higher as requested). I will post an actual print out version when I have a few more of these done with closeups so you can see what it’ll look like framed.


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