Baby room decor attempt No. 2 (Kiki’s Delivery Service)

Hi everyone,

Here is another attempt at making some art for our upcoming baby. This again won’t be a tutorial as I can’t call myself good enough to actually be able to teach yet and so this will be another share/rate post. Please let me know what you think!

This photoshop water color painting is based on Miyazaki’s: Kiki’s delivery service (魔女の宅急便).

It’s a very cute and fun story about a witch that is learning the hardships of leaving the nest. In this setting, witches go off on their way to find out how they can contribute to the world at an early age. As with many of Miyazaki’s films, there are lessons and things that can be learned from it or at least something to ponder over.

This was designed again from a pinterest idea with my take on it.

Sooooo here we go-

Like the other one, I created the back ground first but instead of trying create brushed myself, I used some free water color brushes that can be found here: Bittbox Watercolor Brushes 2

Using masks created from a vector path shape, I cut out my characters and moon out of the textured layer.

Next, I added all of the pretty paint droplets to be stars, blurred some of the lines, and added lots o’ layers.

Add the masked/cutout layer and we’re done!

I used the Huion drawing pad found here and just the ordinary mouse.

I hope you all like it! It’s not as cool like the other one posted on pinterest but I’m pretty happy with my results~

If anyone wants the high resolution version of this, leave me a comment and we can talk. I can’t and won’t sell these for copy right reasons and appreciation for Ghibli. (I have 4245×4500 resolution file; can go higher as requested). I will post an actual print out version with closeups so you can see what it’ll look like.

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