Baby room decor attempt No. 1 (My Neighbor Totoro)

Hi everyone,

This won’t be a tutorial as I can’t call myself good enough to actually be able to teach yet and so this will just be a share/rate post.

As some of you already know, we really like the Studio Ghibli – Hayao Miyazaki arts (Proco Rosso, Castle in the Sky, Whisper of the Heart, Valley of the Wind Nausica, etc etc) and wanted to implement it in our baby room. We see many pinterest and etsy graphics on his My Neighbor Totoro (となりのトトロ) works and I have to say that it is one of our favorites.

Here is my attempt to make my own print for our soon to be born son!

As I make more graphics to print and place on the walls, I will create more posts.

Here is what I did to create this particular one~

I first started by creating the vector form of our lovely model here.

There are few techniques that you will need to be able to use in order to create this in photoshop: pen tool, subtractions of layers, patience.

Once I was satisfied with out guy, I proceeded to create a background where my goal was to make it look like water color paint-ish.

Here I used several different preset brushes, altered them in a way to make it “wet” and blended them together to create a gradient with some bubbles.

Next, I overlayed our vector Totoro on top of this layer (creating several copies first) as a mask.

There were a few other things like stroke selected path, fill path, blur, redo paint, and general cleaning that was necessary.

The great thing is that there is history for everything so you can always save, go back, and edit along the way.

I then moved on to making the vector shapes of the Japanese Totoro movie logo.

This is found in the intro of the movie and I feel is the best representation of the title. If you haven’t watched it, I highly recommend it! I know our baby will be brought up watching these movies 😀

After doing the same thing with the title, I added a new layer with a textured background, put it behind everything, signed and was done. This is my first attempt at making these so I will most likely play around with it some more before printing a high resolution version of it.

I used the Huion drawing pad found here and just the ordinary mouse.

I hope you like it! Even if you don’t, I’m printing it anyway but please feel free to comment~ lol

If anyone wants the high resolution version of this, leave me a comment and we can talk. I can’t and won’t sell these for copy right reasons and appreciation for Ghibli. (I have 3840×2400 resolution file; can go higher as requested). I will post an actual print out version with closeups so you can see what it’ll look like.

We would appreciate any donations however so that we can continue posting things for your entertainment!


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