Google Adsense and some tips

So, as everyone has read already, we started this blog and constantly changed the design and added posts of our current projects. In order to monetize it and help keep the website supported enough for us to continue our passions, we started to utilize ads. The first one was Amazon Affiliates, because I make a lot of purchases on there, and the second one we wanted to try was AdSense. Here is a summary of the two ad websites and our general experience with implementation. Hopefully these little tid bits help you choose and make the adjustments you want to make monetization work for you.

In order to make ads show correctly, you first want to sign up and get your website approved. Once you have the authentication, you can add the individual codes via text in the widgets section or through plugins like WP Quads. For tracking your website, you can use the “Snippets” plugin to add things in the front pages of WordPress (this is in reference to instruction like: Copy and paste this tag to the <head> section of your website’s index.html file). You will want this for things like google analytics.

Certain themes on WordPress does not allow for codes to be added in the home/front page so having Snippets is a life saver.

  • Google AdSense:

One of the more popular Ad controlling websites. The revenue amount seems to be highest out of the different ad websites and it’s supported by Google. Navigation to get your website authenticized was a little confusing (I didn’t get it to work correctly until a month into having the website) but once that was set, it has become quite easy to work with.

In order to have non-Google AdSense affiliate host websites approved, you have to go through the below:

My Ads > Contents > Other products

Here you will see the place where you can add in your website address and the code that needs to placed after the <head> section of your website’s index.html file (Use a plugin such as Snippets if you use a website building program like WordPress).

Google says that it can take up to three days before approvals, but I think it took me two days. From here, you can try adding the responsive ads that custom fits to your website. This type of AdSense ad ended up being the easiest one to use.

What it did do, however, was leave a yellow background in the ad space not used by AdSense. Some ads filled in the entire content space available but this was not always the case.

In order to get rid of it via making it transparent, you may be able to add the following in a CSS style customizer/editor section:

ins.adsbygoogle { background: transparent !important; }

You can find this to work through – Appearance > Editor (WordPress), or you may need to use the theme customization page to add this code in the “Additional CSS” section.  I tried changing the <ins> section of the CSS style editor but it didn’t work for me.

  • Amazon Affiliates:

This ad program seems to be fairly new and the RPM (revenue per mil or 1000 impressions) = (Estimated earnings / Ad impressions) * 1000 is either really low or is not computing for me. I have also tried going through their product Amazon Associations links but even though I had my parents click on the linked items to order thing they were going to purchase, I did not get the credit for them using our website. I will most likely contact them or just switch all my ads to AdSense if there are no improvements.

I do believe that if we focus on a certain genre for product reviews, we could make Amazon work well, but at this time we don’t have the time or the money to invest in it. We purchase way too many different things through Amazon. My passion that has remained consistent is also overall internet deal searching and purchasing so it’s difficult to focus on Amazon. We will see.

If it does work, Amazon has a very easy to use sitestripe to generate the code for text, image, and text + image. Give it a try!

Note: We may earn a small commission for the endorsement, recommendation, testimonial, and/or link to any products or services from this website. Your purchase helps support our work in bringing you real product reviews and other projects that may be of interest to you. Thank you!

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