Ceiling Stipple Removal and Finish DIY

Do you have little spikes or textured ceiling that dates your home? These buggers are definitely not like popcorn texture and is tough to get off. We had this issue throughout all of our home so we decided to challenge ourselves with this DIY home improvement. Please continue to read for the before, middle, and after picture Read more about Ceiling Stipple Removal and Finish DIY[…]

Rosemary and Rue ★★★★

The October Daye Series by Seanan McGuire Book 1: Rosemary and Rue (2009) Published by DAW Books Genres: Urban Fantasy/Mystery Pages: 368 Amazon rating: 4 out of 5 stars Summary: This book is centered around the heroine October “Toby” Daye based in the San Francisco area. She is a changeling (part fae/part human) that has Read more about Rosemary and Rue ★★★★[…]

Baby purchase – Crib

Recent purchases Back in December 2016, for the upcoming baby, we decided to buy a crib. We purchased and received the Graco Lauren Convertible Crib, Pebble Gray. The crib itself came in a one piece despite the box being in slightly bad shape. I was pretty worried at first because of the multiple reviews online mentioning damaged Read more about Baby purchase – Crib[…]

Creating a website / blog

Starting a blog may be simple but perhaps others have experienced the same thing I had with the difficulties on putting together a website with expectations for monetizing it as well.

Here are some quick reviews for what I am currently using. Maybe it will help others in making some decision on what products to use and try for themselves.

1. Domain

In order to have a blog that can be monetized, you will first need a domain or web address to call your own. This can be done through the ever popular WordPress or other website editors. However, one thing to keep in mind is that the free version does not allow for ads to bring in revenue to you and is sometimes added to your site outside of your control (the free version needs to bring in revenue to keep itself running).

If you are going for an ad free version (if you want to avoid ads) or make money from the ads, you will need to get a domain through a domain registrar like NameCheap, GoDaddy, GoogleDomain or pay the extra for the premium versions of WordPress and then follow the next steps.

Reviews can be found here.

2. Hosting

Once you go through the fun of choosing a special domain name for yourself (an internet street address), the website must be hosted so that it can be accessed publicly (keeping the gates open and accessible to your property). This too requires payment to a service company unless you have the capability/infrastructure to host it yourself. I do not have the latter technical expertise or the patience so decided to use hosting services provided by the domain registrar, NameCheap.

Typically they will bundle this together for a special price. If you are a first time registrant for the address or transferring the domain to a new hosting service provider, they will give you special first year rate.

Make sure you follow directions carefully to link and create the main address. I accidentally read the instructions wrong and made the main page mickeyandmegan.com/dir. This was kind of annoying to fix. […]